June 1 Update:

This is our last week of Plant Sales. We still have a nice selection of healthy tomato plants.

You can pre-order plants online, or see what we have available at the Norwich Farmers Market on Saturday, or the Farm on Sunday.

We are also offering beef and eggs for pre-order.

We will bring vegetables to the farmers' market for impromptu sales. We are evaluating how we might offer vegetables for pre-order in the weeks to come
We still have a great selection of

Tomato Varieties

Norwich Farmers Market Saturdays 9am-1pm

We plan to bring some harvested vegetables--no pre-order necessary.

Beef, eggs and plants by pre-order and impromptu sales as available. 

Luna Bleu Farm

Plant, Beef and Egg Sales 

Saturday 1pm-5pm: Pre-order only Sunday and Monday 1pm-5pm: 

Pre-order and in-person plant sales

 Our CSA is full for this Season. 

We are grateful for the certainty the CSA model gives us in these uncertain and changing times.

Luna Bleu is a diversified organic farm in central Vermont. We strive to provide flavorful, nutritious, and beautiful food to our community while stewarding our land.

We produce a wide variety of organic vegetables, meats, and eggs.

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