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  • Where will I pick up my CSA share?
    During the harvest season, you will come to the farm in South Royalton on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon after 3pm to pick up your share. While you're here, take some time to pick some flowers, visit the animals, or just take a walk around to see what's growing.
  • Will you help coordinate group pickups or deliveries?
    While the official pickup location is the farm in South Royalton, members have gotten together to rotate picking up from the farm to bring shares to Randolph and Norwich. We are happy to help members connect to coordinate their own group pick-up and delivery to other sites. Please contact Suzanne to talk about options.
  • Do you offer CSA shares in exchange for helping out on the farm?
    Work Shares are available to anyone willing to help with whatever needs doing here on the farm. In exchange, members receive a reduced cost for a share. Work Share is not limited to field work: many talents are needed on a diversified farm like ours! If you are interested, please contact us.
  • Do you offer a CSA year round?
    Pretty much! We offer Harvest Season CSA shares (June–October) as well as Winter CSA Shares (November–April).
  • How do I pay for my CSA share?
    You may pay with a credit card through our online store or use the discount code “Check” to pay with a check and get a 3% discount on your payment. We greatly appreciate payments by check as they help us reduce credit card fees. If you pay by check you can also opt to pay in installments. Dividing your share in 2 or 3 monthly installments works well for us. Just send in your first payment as soon as you sign up. If you would like to arrange for a payment plan please contact If you are getting a winter vegetable share, you can opt to pay a $75 deposit now and then pay the remainder by the beginning of October.
  • How does CSA pricing work for vegetable shares?
    We strive to make our organic produce accessible to our neighbors of all income levels and still pay us, the farmers, and our employees a living wage… a work in progress. To this end, we have a fancy chart on our CSA page with all these different prices. The Basic Price is what most people choose, and most closely reflects that balance we try to achieve between a thriving farm business and community access to local food. You will typically save 15-20% on our regular retail prices. The Sustaining Price helps us more easily attain that thriving point and makes it easier to offer discounted shares. The Discounted Price is intended for households that do not qualify for the NOFA Farm Share, but would have trouble paying the Basic price. NOFA Farm Share is a lower priced share for income eligible households. For us this means shares are half price or get a up to a $300 discount, depending on the total BASIC price. You may also donate to the farm share program and help your neighbors enjoy Luna Bleu farm fresh vegetables.
  • What is NOFA Farmshare and how can I participate?
    NOFA Farmshare is a program that provides subsidized CSA shares to families in need throughout the state. We are strongly committed to making the food we raise available to members of the community in a wide range of economic situations. Luna Bleu participates in the Farm Share Program sponsored by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-VT). Contributions are collected to help pay for CSA shares, enabling us to provide vegetable shares to low-income families for half price or a discount up to $300. ​ To Donate to NOFA Farmshare: You can help to share the Luna Bleu harvest with other members of the community by donating to the Farm Share Program. Contributions to Farm Share are tax-deductible and every cent goes toward low-income shares. Any size donation will help your neighbors eat local and organic. To donate online, follow this link. Please indicate that you would like your donation to be designated toward the Farm Share Program and specify Luna Bleu Farm! ​ To Apply for assistance: To apply for a subsidized share, please visit NOFA-VT, We encourage you to also sign up for your CSA share now and let us know that you are applying for a NOFA Farm Share. No payment is needed at this time. If you find the process confusing, just contact us and we will help you through it.
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  • What size CSA should I get?
    A small vegetable share feeds two adults who eat an average amount of vegetables, or a family with a small garden of their own. It is our most popular share size. A medium vegetable share feeds two to three adults who are good vegetable eaters, or a family of 5 average eaters. A large vegetable share feeds 4-5 adults who are good vegetable eaters. Our vegetable shares are generous; you will probably find you are just naturally adding more vegetables to your diet.
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