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About Us

Luna Bleu is a diversified organic farm in central Vermont. We, Tim Sanford and Suzanne Long, have been farming on this land in South Royalton since 1993. Before that we farmed on leased land, first, in Lebanon, New Hampshire then in South Strafford, Vermont. (ancient history!) This year our daughter Shona will be taking up a more active management role as we look toward integrating the next generation in this family farm.

Each year we are joined by a crew of hardworking apprentices and local employees. Together we produce a wide variety of organic vegetables, cows, pigs and poultry.

Luna Bleu is busy and productive 12 months of the year.  Each season has is own pace, flavor and market emphasis.

In the spring, we get busy seeding crops for the new growing season in February, and every week the greenhouse gets a little fuller. In april and May, we get our new laying hen and broiler chicks, cows start calving and we purchase a new batch of organic piglets. We also grow vegetable seedlings and in May many returning gardeners purchase healthy, organic plants from us.

Summer is of course the peak harvest time and we bring an abundant farm harvest to farmers’ markets, our CSA members and some local stores and restaurants. All of the animals enjoy fresh pastures that we rotate on a regular basis. The days are long and full!

In the fall, we harvest and store a wide variety of root crops, onions, cabbages, and garlic for our winter CSA and winter markets. We also begin planting again in our greenhouses for an exciting array of greens in the cold winter months. Cows and chickens come in from the far fields where they can have more shelter as the weather starts to turn...

Winter continues to be busy with winter farmers markets and CSA. It is also an important time for assessment, planning and conferences. The days are shorter so maybe we can rest up a little. Before we know it, it is time to renew CSA memberships and start seeds in the greenhouses again.

Always something going on at the farm! We hope you can come visit someday, or until then, enjoy our farm products.

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