Employment Opportunities

Luna Bleu Farm is a well established diversified certified organic farm in central Vermont, growing high quality food for our community for 30 years. On our 42 acre farm, we grow 5 acres of vegetables, raise cattle, pigs, and chickens for egg and meat production, and have a small orchard with blueberries, apples, and plums. We grow and market year-round through our CSA, Saturday farmers market, and a few local businesses. Season extension and winter growing in high tunnels is an expanding part of our operation. We work hands-on with our employees to share the knowledge we have gained over our years of farming and encourage employees to take advantage of the rich agricultural opportunities in the Upper Valley of Vermont. We are relatively small in size, but our diversity with crops and animals means we have lots of fun every day!

Full and Part-time Farm Crew

Typical season runs April-May until October-November, but we will consider other start and end times. In general, farm crew participate in most aspects of our farming operation: rotating through the various animal chores, working with many aspects of growing, harvesting, and marketing the field vegetables and fruits and helping with the CSA distribution and farmers market. Applicants with more experience may also take on roles with more responsibility. It is also possible for a part-time employee to have a more limited scope of farm activities.


Starting pay commensurate with experience. We have a joint evaluation with possibility of increase after 3 months. CSA share plus organic meat/egg allowance based on hours worked.

To apply please send a cover letter and resume to suzanne@lunableufarm.org.

Qualities for a Successful Job Experience at Luna Bleu Farm

We have had many people work with us over the years and we are always trying to be better employers in a job that is very demanding. Our first job is to be as clear as we can about the work here and our expectations. Please read this carefully before you apply for a job with Luna Bleu Farm. It could save you and us a lot of time. If you have questions about anything in here, feel free to contact us.

There is really no way around it, farming might be the hardest work you will ever do. It requires intelligence, creativity, organization, attention to detail, and a great deal of physical labor. Below is a list of qualities that characterize the most successful employees at Luna Bleu Farm.

  • Physically fit — Much of the work is repetitive and you can spend hours at a time bending, kneeling, stooping, or standing at a wash station. It is important that you are physically fit and able and willing to work outdoors in all sorts of weather. You must be able to lift 40-50 lbs.

  • Astute — Our farm is both our livelihood and an expression of our passion for high quality food. It is very important that you are able to be deliberate, careful, thoughtful, and detail oriented while being aware of speed and efficiency

  • Able to work independently — Do you lose momentum if you work alone?

  • Able to work as a team — Do you enjoy learning from others, teaching others, and working together to get a task done?

  • Able to plan ahead– Are you good at seeing the bigger picture, can you look ahead during a task, anticipate the next step so time isn’t lost in getting more supplies or changing jobs?

  • Communicate clearly — You cannot be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand what needs to be done. It is important to communicate if a job doesn’t get finished or if something went wrong or if you are not sure if something is correct.

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE — perhaps the most important quality. We recognize that employees will not necessarily arrive with all the skills that they need to be superhero workers, but a good attitude can sure help them get there. When you try your best and are willing to listen and learn, it makes all the difference. Also, we like to have fun while we work.

  • A sense of humor and appreciation of the absurd are also strong assets! After a long hard day it can get a little goofy around here.

  • We encourage you to be an advocate for your learning while understanding the overall balance of life on a working farm. We are happy to work with you to identify and build specific skills and areas of knowledge while you are here.

  • If you come with experience from other farms we ask that you recognize that every farm is different, and that you learn how tasks are done here before attempting to change them. That being said, we always welcome questions and suggestions for improvements.

  • Have a valid drivers licence


We believe strongly that having a positive farm job experience depends a lot on finding the right place and likewise for a farm to find the right person. It is important for a prospective employee to understand what they want to get out of an apprenticeship or farm job and make sure the farm they choose will fit those goals. With all the very different farms and farmers out there, a thorough search and awareness of goals will hopefully give you a good chance of finding a situation that will work well for everyone.